Frequently Asked Questions

“What kinds of positions do you source for?”

The KPM Group identifies and places professionals at every organizational entry point. We work with a variety of industries, sourcing candidates for any type or level of career.


“How many resumes will I receive?”

The amount of resumes you receive will depend on the job you’re recruiting for, the description you give us, and your feedback. After an initial search for your positions, we should be able to approximate how many resumes to expect in each batch.


“What is the difference between your service and using Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, etc.?”

Job  boards can be helpful, but they also tend to be incredibly time-consuming. While you may receive dozens of applicants, it’s likely that over half of them will be entirely unqualified for the position, or just not what you’re looking for. Sifting through candidates can take hours—as seasoned recruitment professionals, we’d like to do that work for you.

Our resume sourcing process utilizes our extensive network of active candidates and referrals, independent sourcing, and online job boards, to cast the widest possible net for your position. We then present you with only the top candidates sourced from that search, so that you’re only reviewing resumes that are worthy of review.

Let us tailor our services to you needs 

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