Part Time Assistant Pizza Manager

Job Number: #33444

Pay: $20/hour

Location: Northville Pizza Cutter

Role & Responsibilities

Pizza Cutter of Northville is looking to expand our staff by bringing on a part time manager. This is a part time role that will primarily be scheduled during week nights, with the possibility of one or two day shifts. The possibility of a full time position is defiantly available in the future. 


  • Make Pizzas
  • Manage crew of 5-3 children
  • Make dough at beginning of shift 
  • Handel customer issues and complainants 
  • Be on time and be nice

Skills & Experience

The optimal candidate has had kitchen or food service experience. Specialization in pizza is preferred but we are more than willing to teach. Must be able to handle extended periods of standing up with quick moments and rapid decision making. Every night there is a dinner rush that can last anywhere from 2-3 hours where things will be moving quickly where all aspects of the business must be operating at peak performance.  We do like to have fun here and enjoy a good laugh and joke, its not all super stressfull! 

If this sounds like the kind of work environment you're looking for please apply below!