Fulltime Animation Intern

Job Number: #33456

Pay: $10/hour

Location: Adam's Studio, Plymouth MI

Role & Responsibilities

Adam is looking for a full time animation intern who is eager to get their foot in the door and begin learning their way around the industry.  The intern will primarily be tasked with organizing and cataloging files, and creating original designs for animation. 


  • Organize files
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create animation ready designs 
  • Animate things!
  • Handel customer issues and complainants 
  • Be active on social media to network

Skills & Experience

Adam is lookign for someone with a passion for animation and deisgn all while looking to push themselves and their skills. We are always creating new and exciting work here and need people who think outside the box and approach problems differently. 

If this sounds like the kind of work environment you're looking for please apply below!