We Get it Right

The KPM Group’s commitment to relationship begins at home. Our professional recruiters trust their instincts, move quickly, and are so well tuned to one another, we finish each other’s sentences. Each placement is an all-hands on deck experience with our recruiters working their networks to find a solution tailored to each client. Our offices are alive with collaboration and passion for working a lead.

At The KPM Group, our dedication is matched by the amount of fun we have. Each member of our Team has crafted their own professional path and are committed to championing our clients to do the same.


Katherine Mastantuono


Karen Starcevich

Managing Partner - Seattle


Jennifer Senda

Business Development

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Pari Constan-Neary

Senior Recruiting Manager


Molly Reitman

Communications Specialist

Sam Mastantuono

Vice President

KPM photos 001.jpg

Christa Kasapis

Accounts Receivable & payroll


Abigail David



Elizabeth Burchill

Senior Executive Recruiter